Harvest Chapel of Venice
Harvest Chapel of Venice

Harvest Chapel Missionaries for 2020/2021
Harvest Chapel of Venice Dr. Jim & Sherri Rankin Ethiopa Adventures in Truth Adventures in Truth is a fascinating ministry, spreading God's Word around the world and especially in the biblical land of Ethiopia. This ministry combines that spiritual feel with the thrill of an adventure of exploring, discovering and confirming that the Bible is true.
Harvest Chapel of Venice Sammy Nawali Kenya Kenya Orphanage The AMPTEX ORPHANAGE in Nakuru, Kenya Africa is under the direction of Sammy Omufwoko Nawali. He was a street boy whose parents died of AIDS, but he became born again. Rev. Adrian Hawkes and Pastor Enloe helped establish this orphanage and supported it from it’s conception. Now 300 plus street children have care and a home.
Harvest Chapel of Venice Jacqueline Zdrojowy United States Pregnancy Solutions Christians are Pro-Life and believe that unexpected pregnancies should be given an alternative to abortion. This ministry is greatly needed in this day of moral failures.
Harvest Chapel of Venice Gary Lemberg Cuba Missionary Ventures After 30 years of pastoring Rev. Lemberg began his missionary helping to establish online Bible Colleges for Viet Nam and Iran. Most recently served as Executive Director of the Global University Cuba project, establishing the first accredited University Degree program for the pastors there. He is also establishing new churches.
Harvest Chapel of Venice Gabriel Martinez Bolivia World Gospel Missions Gabriel & Gloria Martinez established this ministry in Bolivia to meet the needs of homeless children and lead them to Christ. Harvest Chapel supports their work, vision ministry team.
Harvest Chapel of Venice Billy Thomas India Billy Thomas Ministry Rev. Billy Thomas is a MISSIONARY EVANGELIST who served as representative for CALCUTTA MERCY MINISTRIES working with the poor in India. He now represents U.S.MAPS Organization preparing missionaries on foriegn fields as well as in the United States.
Harvest Chapel of Venice Jim Foubister United States One Christ Won City OCWC is an organization dedicated to local churches working together for the mutual cause of winning their city to Christ. It was founded by Jim Foubister, a layperson, who has brought churches of differing peripheral doctinal views together for their mutual goal, to win the lost. We believe churches working together can change our City, our Nation, our Government and the World.
Harvest Chapel of Venice Alfred Morgan Nicaragua Assoc of Int'l Gospel Assemblies Alfred & Febe Morgan are missionaries that we support through our affiliated ministries of the Association of International Gospel Assemblies, Inc. DeSoto, MO.
Harvest Chapel of Venice Donald Soriano Philippines Assoc of Int'l Gospel Assemblies Rev. Donald Soriano is a missionary we support through our affiliation with the Association of International Gospel Assemblies, Inc. DeSoto, MO.
Harvest Chapel of Venice Carley Touchstone Russia Builders International We see construction as a means to help people. We build hope in communities around the world. We understand that only God, working through people, can bring transformation to a community, one person at a time. A strategically placed facility in a needy community can build hope in the face of hopelessness.