Harvest Chapel of Venice
The Bakers
Forgiven is best described as dedicated, talented and sincere. Cloid and
Debbie form this duo, whose music and testimony communicate to the
listener their love for Jesus Christ.
Seldom does a gospel group come along with a sweeter harmony,
professional appearance and heartfelt desire for ministry than FORGIVEN.
The primary focus of their ministry is the church and their purpose is to
provide through music and testimony a worship service for the Christian
and an evangelistic service for the unsaved. Perhaps the greatest compliment
given to Forgiven was from a Pastor's wife when she stated that she loved
the music and spirit, but what she appreciated most was that Forgiven
displayed no arrogance in their abilities, simply gave praise to the Savior.
Their dedication to spreading the gospel in song is best reflected in their
backgrounds. Cloid and Debbie Baker have devoted nearly all of their
Christian lives to singing the good news of Jesus Christ. They have a rich
heritage in Gospel Music, as their backgrounds include serving with two
icons in the gospel music industry, the Gaithers and the Weatherfords.
Debbie traveled with the Weatherfords in the early 1970s, at the same time
Cloid was traveling with the Bill Gaither Trio. After their marriage in 1972,
they both traveled with the Weatherfords and when Danny Gaither left the
Bill Gaither Trio in 1977 to start his own group, he chose Cloid & Debbie
to be part of his ministry. Over the years, they have maintained a singing
group and served in several local churches as Minister of Music and Pianist. Cloid & Debbie started the group Forgiven
in 1988, traveling year round and singing in 200 or more services each year. They consistently strive for vocal excellence
and to maintain a high level of integrity as they work with pastors and promoters across the country. Cloid and Debbie
are the parents of two children, both married and serving the Lord. Shawna, her husband Paul, and their son, Max, live
in Cincinnati, OH and serve in their local church. Chad, his wife Bethany, and their two sons, Carson and Cole, live in
Mosheim, TN where Chad is part of the Greater Vision ministry.